GARY THAIN - Bass guitar
LEE KERSLAKE - Drums and Percussion
MICK BOX - Guitars
KEN HENSLEY - Keyboards, Guitars, Moog Synthesizer
DAVID BYRON - Vocals (except B3 DAVID BYRON & KEN HENSLEY - Vocals)

Produced by GERRY BRON
Assistant engineer ASHLEY HOWE
Recorded at Lansdowne Studios, London, September/October 1972
Cover design by ROGER DEAN
Photographs by FIN COSTELLO


The magician's birthday

1. SUNRISE (Hensley) 4.04
2. SPIDER WOMAN (Box/Byron/Kerslake/Thain) 2.25
3. BLIND EYE (Hensley) 3.33
4. ECHOES IN THE DARK (Hensley) 4.48
5. RAIN (Hensley) 3.59

6. SWEET LORRAINE (Box/Byron/Thain) 4.13
7. TALES (Hensley) 4.09
8. THE MAGICIAN’S BIRTHDAY (Hensley/Box/Kerslake) 10.23


Making off

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THE MAGICIAN’S BIRTHDAY réalisé en 1996 (original de 1972) UK: Essential ESMCD 339

Bonus tracks:
1. SILVER WHITE MAN out-take, previously unreleased
2. CRYSTAL BALL out-take, previously unreleased


THE MAGICIAN'S BIRTHDAY sorti en 2003 (original de 1972) UK: Castle CMRCD771, rereleased as Sanctuary Midline SMRCD052 in March 2004

Bonus Tracks:
1. CRYSTAL BALL out-take
2. SILVER WHITE MAN out-take, previously unreleased vocal version
3. PROUD WORDS alternate version, previously unreleased
4. ECHOES IN THE DARK edit, previously unreleased
5. RAIN edit, previously unreleased
6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY The Magician's Birthday edit, previously unreleased
7. SUNRISE edit, previously unreleased
8. GARY'S SONG Crystal Ball alternate version, previously unreleased
9. SILVER WHITE MAN out-take, instrumental version