MICK BOX - Guitars
LEE KERSLAKE - Drums, Vocals
TREVOR BOLDER - Bass Guitar, Vocals
PHIL LANZON - Keyboards, Vocals
BERNIE SHAW - Lead Vocals
NOTE: Single b-side 'Miracle Child' PHIL LANZON - Lead Vocals

FRANK RICOTTI - Percussion
String parts on "When The War Is Over" arranged and played by PHIL LANZON
Russian words on "Cry Freedom" spoken by MARIE ZACKOJIVA

Produced and engineered by RICHARD DODD

Pre-production arrangements by AHSLEY HOWE
Recorded in London at PRT Studios 13-21 December 1988 & 14th January/13th February 1989
Overdubs at Boathouse Studios, overdubs and mixing at Rooster Studios


Raging silence

 1. HOLD YOUR HEAD UP (Argent/White) 4.33
 2. BLOOD RED ROSES (Goalby) 4.10
 3. VOICE ON MY TV (Box/Lanzon) 4.20
 4. RICH KID (Bolder) 4.49
 5. CRY FREEDOM (Box/Lanzon) 4.34

 6. BAD BAD MAN (Lanzon) 4.11
 7. MORE FOOL YOU (Box/Lanzon) 3.34
 8. WHEN THE WAR IS OVER (Prestwich) 5.09
 9. LIFELINE (Roddy/Medica/Frederiksen/Haselden) 4.53
10.ROUGH JUSTICE (Box/Lanzon/Bolder/Shaw) 4.21


RAGING SILENCE réalisé en 1998 (original de 1989) UK: Essential ESMCD 612

Bonus tracks:
1. MIRACLE CHILD single b-side
2. LOOK AT YOURSELF Live recording from 1987, 12" single b-side
3. TOO SCARED TOO RUN live version from 1987
4. CORINA live version from 1987
5. HOLD YOUR HEAD UP extended version released on 12" single
6. BLOOD RED ROSES new extended remix


RAGING SILENCE sorti en 2006 (original de 1989) UK: Sanctuary Midline

Bonus Tracks:
1. MIRACLE CHILD single b-side
2. CORINA original studio demo version
3. MR. MAJESTIC original studio demo version
4. PACIFIC HIGHWAY original studio demo version
5. BLOOD RED ROSES extended version
6. HOLD YOUR HEAD UP extended version
7. CORINA live version